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Online ISSN: 2313-4429

Keywords : Theileriosis

Study the causes of growth retardation in pure breed imported calves after theileriosis in Abu-Shaeer cattle Farm /Diyala province

Gh.H. Jameel; H. M. Majeed; O. J. katwan

AL-Qadisiyah Journal of Veterinary Medicine Sciences, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 2, Pages 93-100

The aim of this study is investigated the causes of retardation in growth of purebred calves infected by Theileria annulata.Blood samples of infected group (treatment group) were taken once, and blood samples of the control group (clinically healthy) were taken also .Serum separation was done to two groups to determinate some blood factors levels as ferritin ,phosphorus ,glucose ,growth hormone ,total T3 and total T4.It was detected that mean values of serum Ferritin was significantly higher than the values of the control group and healthy animals.No significant effect of the infection on the phosphorus and T3 levels ,While there were significant depression in serum levels of glucose ,growth hormone and T4.

Survey for bovine and ovine theileriosis in Babil governorate

M. A. Jalil

AL-Qadisiyah Journal of Veterinary Medicine Sciences, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 2, Pages 51-54

Four hundred and fourty tow blood smear were collected ( 360 smears from cow , 102 smears from sheep ) in Babylon and examined with Giemsa stain to investigate schizontes in leukocytes .The study revealed that 88.3%(408 /462) showed positive reaction.Of 360 samples of cows, 316 was showed positive, while 44 (12.2 %) showed negative results .So of 102 samples of sheep , 92 (90.1%) was showed positive while 10(9.8 %) showed negative results. It concluded that the morbidity rate of theileriosis in Babylon were 87.7% and 90.1% in cow and sheep respectively in 2010 .