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Histomorphological investigations of the stomach of wild adult male Rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus f. domestica) in AL-Najaf province

AL-Qadisiyah Journal of Veterinary Medicine Sciences, 2014, Volume 13, Issue 2, Pages 81-88

Stomach macroscopical and microscopical investigations of ten adult male wild rabbits collected from AL-Najaf city markets recorded to gives a support for future researches and clinical applications as look upon the biology of the digestive system. After rabbit's preparation the stomach recognized then the shape, position, dimensions and its relations with the other abdominal organs were record. The outer shape of stomach is taken J- like shape. Its lies in the cranial part of the abdominal cavity entirely within the rib cage, mostly to the left of the median plane. It consists of the visceral and parietal surfaces, and greater and lesser curvatures. The mean length of the greater and lesser curvatures were (22.3±0.9 cm) and (4.64±0.9 cm) respectively. Stomach connected with spleen, pancreas and colon by thin mesenteric folds. Internal surface of the stomach consist of two parts, glandular and non-glandular. The first part consists of three regions, the cardiac, fundus, and pyloric regions. The mean length of non-glandular and three glandular regions were (2.3 ± 0.38 cm), (2.28 ± 0.4 cm), (6.38 ± 0.23 cm), and (4.3 ± 0.29 cm) respectively. Non-glandular region covered by stratified squamous epithelium. The cardiac and fundus regions covered by simple columnar epithelium. The pyloric region covered by a low columnar to cuboidal epithelium. Invaginations of the glandular epithelium to forms tubular branched and coiled glands. Smooth muscle of muscularis mucosa two layers, tunica submucosa was loose connective tissue, tunica muscularis showed bundles of smooth muscle fibers arrange into internal circular, and external longitudinal layers which facing externally with loose connective tissue of adventitia..

Non-Surgical Castration in Bucks A Comparative Study between Chemical Castration and External Ligation of the Spermatic Cord

R. N. Al-Asadi; Kh. K. Al-Kadi

AL-Qadisiyah Journal of Veterinary Medicine Sciences, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 1, Pages 92-102

This study aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of intra-testicular injection of formalin and external ligation of the spermatic cord in inducing sterilization in bucks. Twelve's adult bucks were used which allocated randomly and equally into three groups. The first group served as a control group injected (5) ml distilled water intra-testicular, while the second group injected (5) ml of 3% formalin and in the third group external ligation of spermatic cord with silk was used.Blood samples were collected from all bucks prior and post to treatment to assay serum testosterone level. In addition, semen samples were collected via artificial vagina to evaluate some semen parameters.Clinical follow-up of animals revealed no any secondary complications in control group, while treatment group showed certain minor complications such as testicular swelling, hydrocele, scrotal ulcer and lameness which disappeared in a short time.Results indicated that testosterone level were significantly decline P<0.05 in the second and third groups, it reached to (0.30±0.05) and (1.66±0.25) ng/ml respectively at the end of experiment.All semen parameters were significantly P<0.05 decreased on days 21 and 28 in treatment groups, in which there was seminal plasma only, absence of sperm motility, zero sperm concentration and no viable sperms.All animals subjected to traditional castration on 30 and 60 days post-injection or ligation to harvested testicular biopsies for histopathological examination. Testicular sections revealed depletion of sertoli cells and interstitial fibrosis which replaced leydig cells. These changes were more severe in chemical group when compared with ligation group. This means that both techniques reflected their ability to impair or stop the testicular functions with superiority of chemical castration.