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Keywords : Trachea

Extraction and Purification of Salmonella spp. enterotoxin isolated from Bovine in Basrah province

Rodhan; A. M. Al; M. H. AL.Mayahi; A.M. Alkassar; H.T. Al-Kaabi; H. M.abdulwahab; M. H. AL-Hasnawy; H. B. Kh. AL-Jiashi; K. N. Taher; A. L. D. AL-Khauzai; K.N. Taher; A. M. AL-Mussawy; N. H. AL-Mehanna; E. F. AL-Baghdady; O.H. Al-Hyani; H. M. Al-Ramahi; A. G. hassan; J. A. K. Hilal; B. F.Hassan; M. H. Ali; A.S. AL-Ebady; S.O. Hussain; K.I. AL-Badry; F.F. Ibrahim; H.A.N.AL-Zamely; Dh. K.M; A. A. Najum; J.A.AL-Sa; aidi; M.A.Alrodhan; M. TH. S. Al- zubaidi

AL-Qadisiyah Journal of Veterinary Medicine Sciences, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 2, Pages 102-111

One Hundred eighty fecal samples and (50) bile samples were collected from cattle of different ages and both sexes present in Basrah farms and Slaughterhouse. The results of the bacteriological and serological methods carried out on fecal and bile samples of cows detect Salmonella spp in the fecal samples of 3 cows (1.66% ) and these bacteria were not detected (0%) in bile samples. Concerning the effect of months of study on the rate of Salmonella spp. isolation . The higher rate of isolation was encountered in march (6.66%) followed by February (2.38%), while in other months no Salmonella isolates were observed. Depending on the sex of animals the higher rate of Salmonella isolation was observed in males %)2.06) and it was in females (1.204%) . According to age group the higher rate of Salmonella isolation (%5.9)was observed in the third age group ) followed by the second age group (1 Keywords

Salmonella spp.
الذيفان المعوي ، السالمونيلا ، الابقار

Histological Study of the Trachea In Indigenous Male Turkey (Meleagris gallopava)

A. M. AL-Mussawy; N. H. AL-Mehanna; E. F. AL-Baghdady

AL-Qadisiyah Journal of Veterinary Medicine Sciences, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 2, Pages 121-127

The present study was conducted on five healthy indigenous male turkeys at the first year of their age and live weight was (4715 ± 43.3 gm) collected from the center of Diwanyia city, our need to have a base line data on the respiratory system of this abundant species of bird in Iraq. It is expected that this work will provide a pivot for future research and subsequent clinical application as regards the biology of the turkey.After birds preparation the trachea dissected out and washing by normal saline solution (0.9% Nacl), then were fixed immediately in 10% formalin, then get ready for routine histological processing.Trachea was lined by respiratory epithelium (ciliated, pseudostratified columnar epithelium) with simple branched tubular mucous glands and goblet cells. Laminapropria-submucosa of the trachea was supported by hyaline cartilages and comprised of loose connective tissue, with large bundles of collagen fibers.